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Product Support & Guides

At Ziegler & Brown, we are dedicated to helping our customers in any way we can. To assist you, we have made available a range of informative PDF guides covering our product offerings, as well as comprehensive catalogs and answers to frequently asked questions.

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LPG stands for liquified petroleum gas and is a mixture of butane and propane. In New Zealand, the proportions of this mixture can vary. The Ziegler and Brown Gas Grills have been tested and approved for a wide range of propane-butane mixtures, which is why it is labeled as Universal LPG (ULPG).

Yes, Ziegler & Brown Classic Twin and Triple Grills are available for use with Natural Gas (NG). There are different models for NG use including the NGC codes at the end. It is important to note that any new NG appliance must be commissioned by an authorized technician who will connect the hose to the bayonet and perform necessary tests, including pressure tests. A licensed gasfitter must properly install the customer's bayonet. The BBQ warranty does not cover issues with low pressure or faults upstream of the BBQ hose. The small size of the BBQ means that these issues are unlikely to occur.

Yes, an authorized person can change the injectors, hoses, valve settings, and labels to switch the unit from one gas type to another. Injectors, labels, and conversion instructions are available from the BBQ supplier. It is important to note that the conversion can only be performed by an authorized person.

Certification for Australian and New Zealand standards has been deregulated to allow for more competition in the market, and AGA is not the only certifying body. IAPMO is another equivalent and all the same Australian standards and regulations still apply. The IAPMO certificate number for both the Twin Grill and Triple Grill models can be found on the data plate (GMK10087).

Gas industry regulators in charge of ensuring safety and compliance with Australian and New Zealand standards recently required the addition of this label on packaging for easy recognition that the BBQ has been certified.

Australian and New Zealand standards require that if the BBQ is used without a cart, it must be chained to the gas cylinder to prevent the hose from being accidentally overstretched. If the BBQ is connected to a reticulated gas supply, it must be chained to a strong point near the outlet to prevent the hose from being overstretched. The BBQ also needs to have a manual lighting option in case the ignition system fails. The smaller chain has a match holder to assist with manual lighting in the unlikely event that this is necessary.

Spare parts are available please contact your local stockist for more information.